This large set of images is now part of the Hexagone corpus, where it forms the second section, entitled “The Landscape Consumed.” In these images Jürgen Nefzger moves away from the highly urbanised territory and towards places with low population density, even rural ones, showing us the other side of appearances: instead of what comes before the manufactured landscape, we are faced with uncertain images of it, resulting from the general takeover by the consumerist model. The consequences of progress can be read in highly developed, monetised and, finally polluted nature.

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Oil spill, Loire-Atlantique, France, 2000

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Oil spill, Loire-Atlantique, France, 2000

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Total refinery, Dunkirk, France, 2002

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Abandoned petrol station, Gers, France, 2001

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Mini golf course, Charente, France 2005

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Urgosse, Gers, france, 2001

Slide 7

Abandoned farm house, Charente, France, 2005

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Signpost used as a target by hunters, gers, France, 2003

Slide 9

Unsold flowers after All Saint’s day, Gers, France, 2001

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Manor in ruins, Gers, France 2002

Slide 11

Silage wraped in plastic, Gers, France, 2002

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Intensive melon growing, Gers, France, 2003

Slide 13

Greenhouse, Gers, France, 2002

Slide 14

Monoculture, Gers, France, 2003

Slide 15

Motorway service area, Charente, France, 2005

Slide 16

Melon crate, Lectoure, France, 2002

Slide 17

Sales office for polyester swimming pools, Charente, France, 2005

Slide 18

The Gers river, Fleurance, france, 2001

Slide 19

Urpar- Near the Gadoues landfill, France, 2001

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